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The area where we run our different projects is in the eastern part of Tanzania. We are focused on education because a lot of people do not have access to education as the school capacities do not match to the amount of students. To ensure education for all kids, a lot of engaged teachers are founding small Schools where they are teaching then for free or with very limited salaries. So what we do is to offer education - also to orphans and other unprevileged children - and also some food per day. Especially the food and income situation for the children and their families is extremely bad.

Beside the education topic we decided to work on the fight against poverty. For that we set up our third porject, the very successful "Give a goat" activity. Overall we want to reach out the following goals:

   - consciousness and acceptance between industrial and developing countries
   - learning English to facilitate global communication and international
   - support necessary acquirements to ensure a proper education in school
   - help for poor families to ensure better income and longtherm sustainable nutrition
The School started in 2013. The St. Justine´s Preparatory and Primary School (en/de) is located in Kidatu. The headteacher Jema and his 4 volunteering teachers are working hard to help the little kids and orphants every day. They try to ensure food for all and teach different classes and ages in just four rented rooms. We started to help them with farming activities to support infrastructure costs for the school and food for the students. So at the moment we have 70 hens, 8 pigs and some goats for the teacher - for all that we built shelders at the school ground. by giving them money to build a hen house and hundred hens.
In 2017 we recieved funding from the German government, the ministry Bundesministerium für wirtschaftliche Zusammenarbeit und Entwicklung (BMZ) to build a new primary school for 100 poor and orphants in Kidatu. We opened it November 2017! Till then we have done many new things as extending the school with two more rooms (2021), a toilet for teachers and for students (2020). And: We have the official Tanzanian registration as private School!
Next steps could be the extention to 8 rooms. Then, the primary school is settled and we can start working on a Secondary School. With that the dream became truth to hepl young students with good educatin till they are 17. And to give them the chance to study!

The other project is the Give a goat activity. The way to run that is that donators pay once to get sponsor of a Tanzanian goat. We buy a goat in Tanzania and hand it over with a breeding commitment letter to poor families. So they can then start a breeding them to get over the time better income. IThe activity is well perceived in Germany and we found many sponsors of goats so far. Very soon, we can hand over 100 goats to 100 poor. A big event, never done before in Kidatu!

You want to know more about us and our activities or want to support that voluntary engagements? Feel free to contact us! Thanks you very much!

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