Retro4Future Charity Event summary: 10.600 EUR for Tanzania!

End of May this year we organized that two day event in Weil der Stadt to announce the Future Chances project to a broader audience and collect donations for Kidatu.

The 2.000 guests were send back in the 50s and 60s, the "Wirtschaftswunder" time in Germany. The exhibition was very impressive and comprehensiveas as almost all rooms of a flat of that timeframe were rebuilt. It has shown very well how the people lived in that time. Beside that we organized a broad range of Oldtimer from this centuries and also a lot of different motorcycles. Tha all could just be happen with huge efforts from Petra Bernhardt and the help of her exclusive partner, Fiat Autohaus Appel und Patti. Beside that we have had many, many other helpers, musicans and a lot of more financial support of other sponsors. 

We often heard the question how the motto Retro fits to Africa. Tha answer from Petra Bernhardw was simple: " In the post-war years we in Europe were supported by the Marshallplan. Exactly this plan was replicated by the Germany government this year to start a new longterm program with Africa. It includes exactly what I am doing since years in a smaller version. Sustainable activities for poor and my education project will help to increase the overall life situation for the people in Kidatu and avoid the emigration".

The whole revenue of the event, fantastic 10.600 EURO will be spent into the two Future Chances projects in Tanzania. On one hand side we will extend the primary school (currently under construction) to a secondary school. Herefore we plan to request further money from the BMZ again.

On the other hand we can hand over 100 goats to 100 poor in Kidatu. This will help them to start a breed to move them out of the spiral of poverty.

Read more about the event in German

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